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orion - encrypted phone & sim, e-sim


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A message is sent only if the recipient's device is online. If not - it stays on your device.

Offline messages not received by recipient upon online status. They don't leave your phone.

When recipient is online, your phone sends the server-less message directly to them.

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Our Vip Clients

protected across various jurisdictions

Law firms

We help legal firms by incorporating essential security protocols to safeguard client confidentiality and enhance efficiency within the workflow-

◦ Partners & Senior attorneys ◦
◦ Corporate Counsels ◦
◦ Defense Lawyer ◦
◦ Government Attorneys ◦
◦ Legal Advisors ◦

VIPs & Public figures

With advanced encryption technologies, even high-profile individuals can remain shielded from unwanted intrusions, sensitive data leaks and other potential threats

Politicians & Governors


OrionPrivacy phone and sim prevents the unauthorized distribution of information to third parties and includes many security features ensuring comprehensive protection against potential breaches.

Banks & Investors


Our reliable security framework shields the sensitive information of financial institutions from cyber threats. Utilizing state-of-the-art encryption technology, it guarantees the highest level of protection for financial data and maintains the privacy of customers.

Security guard

Orion high-profile privacy device helps solve organizations' most pressing mobile cybersecurity challenges

Executives & Ceos

Cyber-secure International calls, roaming and 4G features whether you are in Europe, America, Africa, or the Middle East.

‣ No-limitations for 6 months.